Water Scarcity

If water is the basis of life, what if hydraulic fracturing is a deliberate poisoning of groundwater for future economic control? Think about this. This is the ultimate way to gain control of any living beings. Including food. Including animals. Including manufacture. Including humans. I’m just picking bits of information out this thread that you should look at. All credits to original authors, im just being lazy. ChappaQuitIt – T. Boone Pickens, one of the largest and most vocal proponents of natural gas invests HEAVILY in water.

OB1_kenobi – Unsubstantiated comment here but… I did read a story about how George W Bush bought a ton of land in some country in South America. People were wondering about the purchase because the land itself didn’t seem to have any obvious value in terms of mineral wealth, location etc. One thing it did have was a huge supply of fresh water in the form of rivers and lakes. Now keep that thought in mind as you recall Bush’s connections to the oil industry. Is it possible that he and his friends know how bad things are going to get (because of fracking) in another couple of decades? Is it possible that he used this knowledge to buy billions of dollars worth of water for a few million?

Bush himself might not reap the full benefits, but his descendants surely will.

Zi7 – Yep! Bush and his daughters purchased close to 300,000 acres of land in Paraguay. Beneath is one of the worlds largest aquifers (acuifer guarano [sp?]). It’s enough water to last the world like 150 years and the infamous oil baron has gotten his and his brood’s claws into the water already.

Definitely the top dogs know what’s the estimated outcome of the future so they are investing now. If there ever is a real global opposition against these guys where people get together to overthrow and punish them for screwing up everything, I think it will most likely start with water.