Unemployment is being “rebranded” by the government as a psychological disorder

What does this even mean? It means you free souls are now labelled as having a psychological disorder. All you free souls who dont see the need to be making money. Or maybe you are, but you’re still job-less.

Those that do not exhibit a “positive” outlook must undergo “reprogramming” or face having their benefits cut, says the Wellcome Trust-backed report.

Undergo re-programming? Shout out 1984 george orwell. We dont need re programming. We need de programming.

The paper, published in the Medical Humanities journal, says benefit claimants are being forced to take part in positive thinking courses in an effort to change their personalities.

What the actual fuck? Fuck that. Im too angry to write how i feel. I’ve never been good at expressing using words. But here ill try: Fuck you, [if i write g 0 v 3 r n m e n t it will be picked up by the new scheme they are running and flag me up as some fucker to target, so screw that too] Read the full BS at : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-33060794#_=_