UK Navy test underwater bombs – causes mass whale deaths

whale.si_   Scientists have concluded that four bombs detonated underwater by the Royal Navy were responsible for the death of 19 pilot whales, when they became stranded off the north of Scotland in 2011. The report explains that four 1,000 pound bombs were exploded during the 24 hours before the mass beaching occurred, which saw 70 pilot whales swim into the shallow waters of Cape Wrath, Europe‚ĄĘs largest live bombing range, and become stranded by the tide. Another 250-pound bomb was later detonated after the crisis had begun. Locals attempted to herd the whales back into open water, but 39 became beached. Some 20 were re-floated, but, despite efforts by experts and concerned residents, 19 of the stranded whales died. The report says: The magnitude, frequency and proximity of the multiple detonations in the day prior to the stranding, and the single high-order detonation shortly after the beginning of the mass stranding, were plausible sources of significant disturbance to any neighboring marine mammals.   Kmt.