UK – Government hires agency to creep your Facebook, Twitter & other network data

If you™re one of those people that gets a bit vocal about politics, you™ll be interested to know that your Facebook, Twitter and personal blog are about to begin being monitored for references to the Government. Ministers announced yesterday that the Government had awarded a contract to five companies who will monitor what people tweet, post to Facebook or blog about the Government and provide updates to Whitehall in real time. Officials and ministers will provide a list of keywords and topics to the companies so that they know what to monitor. Source:

You see, when i click “Publish” and publish this post, the Government will see this post pop up on their “updates in real time” because it has been broadcast to social networks. Crawling the internet for information is not too hard, if you have the money and resources. These guys are going to have data pop up left right and centre. What an excellent way to spend your day in the office. No but honestly, do you realize how powerful it is to know everything that is being talked about you [the government] in real time? It allows strategies to be changed in real time. Media to be altered in real time. Deployment of forces, etc etc. Fuck that.