The Cancer Industry

Cancer is obviously a man made influence to our health. For sure. Thats why we’ve seen a massive massive increase in cancer risk in the 2010++ years where man-made risks are much higher than usual. I will write more on this, but this is some stuff you should read: Links to information on the “Cancer Industry” theory/fact/conspiracy/story: <- Now deleted, email code word for lung cancer “Apricot seed cyanide controversy foolishly obscures an effective alternative cancer cure Thousands have used apricot seed kernels to eliminate cancer. They didn’t die from cyanide poisoning. They were cured without negative side effects. This wasn’t accomplished by consuming a couple every week, but dozens daily for months. So why weren’t they weren’t poisoned? The amygdalin compound has four molecules. Two are glucose molecules. The other two are cyanide and benzaldyhide. The last two are scarycompounds, except for a couple of unusual metabolic activities: they are released by and into cancer cells only. Otherwise, they remain in the amygdalin compound and are passed through. It’s a very clever arrangement. The cancer cells depend on fermenting sugar (glucose) for their energy instead of oxygen. So the cancer cells attract the amygdalin compounds for their glucose, but are whacked when they metabolize those compounds that free the benzalldyhide and cyanide. Amazon under fire for selling illegal products that ‘claim to cure or treat cancer’ Read more: “ Breast Cancer, why its a madness: Tobacco Smoke –