SHAMPOO – Does more damage than good

  Your body has a natural and healthy oil level that it stays at. When you constantly wash your hair on a daily basis, it strips the skin and the hair for its natural oils. The body then has to compensate for this by producing more oil, which causes excess oil production. Usually, at this point, people wash their hair even more to get it out. THIS IS PERFECTLY NORMAL FOR THE BODY TO DO. It’s oil level will REGULATE after a couple days of not washing, it will stop producing oil after a while to keep it constant. If you can get through the first 2 weeks of having an oily scalp, after that your head will tremendously back off the amount of oil it produces, and you’ll find that washing once or twice per week will produce better feeling hair than did daily washing previously. Shampoo is just doing it damage by infusing your scalp with nasty chemicals. Anyway, if anyone asks me why my hair stinks like the Cheddar cheese, ill direct them here.