ROYAL MAIL now snitching to the FEDS – UK

Royal Mail and the Metropolitics Police are now working together to see who likes to buy a lot of stuff online and who gets a lot of parcels in their letterbox etc etc. Oh, they will be keeping a watchful eye for foreign mail. You know what, they might even have a peek in themselves. It’s happened to me before, and i’m pretty sure its happened to a lot of people in the UK. I even got a free pack of Rizla once with a T-Shirt, the parcel was ripped wide open. Guess that’s a way of saying sorry. Tony Marsh, director of security at Royal Mail, said: “Royal Mail postmen and women collect and deliver mail six days a week and have almost-unrivalled knowledge of the communities they serve.” They are trialling this shit right now at Winchester, Hampshire with more than 130 postmen snitching on the block. Hopefully this wont come down to Finch. Stay safe boys.   Say no more Royal Mail.