Researching into the Benefits of Garlic – Josh Rosenheim

889185969 My guy Josh has basically done a research paper on garlic. What a legend. Here’s a couple bits of info I pulled out of it for the public’s interest:

  • Effectively lowers total cholesterol when taken over a span of a few months
  • Garlic also had a marginally positive effect on HDL cholesterol
  • Ability to lower blood pressure
  • Garlic consumption is associated with a lower risk of stomach cancer in the Korean population (2014 meta-analysis)
  • Contains at least 33 sulphur compounds
  • Garlic has both oxidant and antioxidant properties, which are dependent on how the garlic is prepared
  • Garlic™s anti-hypertensive properties are due to production of H2S (Benavides et al, 2007).
  • H2S has been shown to relax vascular smooth muscle, induce vascodilation and reduce blood pressure (Lefer DJ, 2007).
(Benavides et al, 2007) Simultaneous traces of vasoactivity (blue) and H2S production (red) in 15ml organ bath of Krebs-Henseleit bufeer (pH 7.35) at 37ºC

Obviously, all credits to Josh. Download the Research Notes here Josh. R Nov.30th 2015