Professor Rainer Nyberg – Wireless technology in schools may lead to a global epidemic of brain damages

RainerBild   Our brains have about 600 km of blood vessels. They feed 60-100 billion nerve cells with oxygen and glucose. The blood vessels in the brain are very very thin. When someone is exposed to a cellphone or other wireless radiation, the walls of the blood vessels start to leak. A protein from the blood (albumin) can also leak out to the brain cells and has the potential to kill nerve cells. This has been shown in pictures in research reports from Sweden, published by professors Bertil Persson and Leif Salford in Lund. They have studied the effects of active cellphone radiation with rats inside a box. They found that even weak radiation causes damage to the blood vessels and the brain cells in the rats after only 2 hours of exposure. Professor Rainer Nyberg also goes on to say in the interview:

While I was working intensively on the fifth edition of the Research Guide I used both a wireless keyboard and mouse, but started getting a prickling sensation in my fingers.”

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