Police raid woman’s house and seize everything, she was charged with nothing, still everything seized

They took everything, even though I was fully compliant with the Michigan medical marijuana laws, she said. They charged me with possession with intent to deliver, even though I™m allowed to possess and deliver. They have had my stuff for 10 months, my ladder, my iPad, my children™s iPads, my children™s phones, my medicine for my patients, Hency noted. Why a ladder? Why my vibrator, I don™t know either. Why TVs? The prosecutor came out to me and said, ˜Well, I can still beat you in civil court. I can still take your stuff,™ Hency recalled, adding, I was at a loss. I literally just sat there dumbfounded. And I was just sitting there, like, thinking I was going to be able to get my stuff back, but not in this country. And that is why civil asset forfeiture in this state needs to change. 0 charges. 0 crimes committed. Everything taken. https://youtu.be/l2YcLhCJg4g