OFFICIAL – HAARP is actually a weather manipulation tool. Finally admitted by the USA Gov & Media.

image028   In the report Air Force Admits Weather Control via HAARP and New Tech, (LINK: HERE) David Walker, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Science, Technology and Engineering, very-matter-of-factly states that they took over from the Navy and will be moving on:

“to managing the ionosphere, what the HAARP was really designed to do, to inject energy into the ionosphere to be able to actually control it

Built at a cost of more than $290 million, the site has 180 antennas on 30 acres that are used to direct energy into the ionosphere, which is 55 miles to 370 miles above the Earth, and monitor changes in the flow of charged particles. Stevens was the godfather of HAARP, which he helped start two decades ago with annual earmarks slipped into the defense budget. “

So there it is. What us “conspiracy theorists” have been saying since day. Weather control. Ionization of the atmosphere. Forced energy into the atmosphere to change the weather. That is what it does in the simplest terms. The USA have been researching weather modification since the 1980’s. Don’t believe climate engineering exists? Here is a weather forecaster guy admitting the US Military released some shit into the atmosphere to change the weather: (MUST WATCH) In the YouTube below Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) asks some pointed questions about HAARP. This is also a MUST WATCH, because the answers provided are what I & many others have been pushing out way before: Major quote from the speech:

the Airforce has done great value out of Haarp in the past few year. we took over … moving on to other ways of manage. finish or work to managing the ionosphere which the haarp is designed to do. which is to inject energy into the ionosphere be able to actually control that work has completed