Links between CERN and Earthquakes (LHC – Large Hadron Collider)

SHIVA CERN PFA: Hindu goddess SHIVA god of DESTRUCTION outside CERN HQ. Apparently, as soon as CERN fired up their HLC, the Nepal 7.8 earthquake struck.. The magnetic energy waves that CERN triggers are not confined within the collider. Once this magnetic energy matter hits the atmosphere it will travel in distance in all directions“don™t forget, just because we can™t visually see these magnetic energy waves, they are there interacting with other elements waiting to make things happen. Also, Beijing are building one too: BEIJ Perhaps it is the LHC playing God, smashing plasma around underground. Do you really think that the impact of energy collisions of this magnitude can be contained underground with no impact to the surface? Reports on Chile on February 25, 2010, just days before the Chile quake struck far across the world, about the Hadron Collider in this article at, ¦some fifty of the mighty collider™s huge superconducting magnets to quench. And as Chile was experiencing aftershocks 6+, at the LHC, The measurements quoted in the publication were obtained at 0.9 to 2.36 teraelectron volts (TeV). This alone is a world record. However, the aim of the physicists is to achieve collisions at 14TeV. These would represent conditions as present shortly after the Big Bang. The Youtube below documents the beams coming from the accelerator, and shows the data that at the EXACT same time that the beams were going out, the 7.8 earthquake in Nepal happened. Time stamp for quakes are reported in UTC (Universal time). CERN is two hours ahead of UTC time (Universal Time). The last black spike was at 8:11 (CERN time) when the particle beams shot out from CERN particle accelerator: [html][/html] Saturday’s devastating 7.9-magnitude earthquake, which claimed over 2,500 lives, was “sort of a nightmare waiting to happen,” according to seismologist James Jackson, head of the earth sciences department at the University of Cambridge. Physically and geologically, what happened is exactly what we thought would happen, “Calculations show that there is sufficient accumulated energy, now to produce an 8-magnitude earthquake.” Vinod Kumar Gaur, a seismologist with the Center for Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation Here is an official article on the safety of the LHC :