Jai Paul – Everlasting Mixtape Download .ZIP MP3

Jai Paul’s Everlasting Mixtape Download [.ZIP Format] – DBREE Free Download

Everlasting is a mixtape containing all of the demos released thus far by the ever-mysterious Jai Paul. Shout out to Details Of My Life for putting this collection together, and for reminding us of how badly we crave new material from the enigmatic Brit.

Jai Paul – Jasmine

Jai Paul – Feist Beats

Jai Paul – Flip Out

Jai Paul – Baby Beats

Jai Paul – BTSTU

Jai Paul – 100,000

Jai Paul – Str8 Outta Mumbai

Jai Paul – Chix

Jai Paul – Genevieve

Emiliana Torrini – Jungle Drum (Jai Paul Remix)

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