• Immunotherapy teaches body to attack cancer cells and destroy tumours
  • The treatment will replace chemotherapy within five years, say researchers
  • It is particularly effective against skin and lung cancer, experts believe
  • Trial patients expected to only survive months went on to live normal lives

Immunotherapy – it works by training the immune system to attack cancerous cells. So there it is. We are the cure for ourselves. Take care of your body and mind and you will avoid the pitfalls of disease and mutations. Take care of your mind especially, as all physical problems that you will go through (illness, disease, feeling shit) is a projection of A MINDS ILLNESS. Train your mind, and you will train the immune system. Keep the body clean, and the immune system will be kept clean and up to date too. You think you’re bulletproof? Soon come the day when you feel like the biggest pussy on planet Earth, honestly, humans are sensitive to everything around them. Immunotherapy breaks down these shields and trains our body how to attack the tumours. Treatments are given in a drip every few weeks and typically cost around £100,000 per patient a year. Fuck paying that. You can strengthen yourself. Take your ass to a homeopath. Learn yourself. Listen to yourself. The chemicals the NHS will feed you are just man made versions of flowers and weeds that are already out there. Cancer in my opinion, is a mutation of a cell. This is caused by intoxication. Intoxication of anything. Intoxication of thoughts, living space, your body, your mind, your heart. Keep your mind clean, and your body will follow.