Genetically Modified GMO corn causing infertility in animals [humans too]


Jerry Rosman, a pig farmer in Iowa, was cultivating GMO corn (Roundup Ready and BT) and fed this corn to his pigs. In the end, his sows became infertile and one year later he went bankrupt.

DES MOINES, IOWA “ An environmental group and an animal welfare organization today jointly released evidence that, for a second time, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) sold corn that one of its own researchers said might contain a novel toxin. The groups raised concern that the suspect corn may end up being used as animal feed or even in grocery products. The corn, a genetically engineered variety not approved for sale as food in the European Union, was apparently delivered to a Cargill processing facility in Blair, Nebraska. The corn originated on the farm operated by Jerry Rosman, an Iowa farmer whose hogs suffered unexplained reproductive failure in 2000 and 2001. A lead researcher in the USDA™s Agricultural Research Service in Ames, Iowa, wrote in August that, one possible cause of this problem may be the presence of an unanticipated, biologically active, chemical compound within the corn.

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Here’s another interesting story about genetically modified foods. “Austrian scientists fed mice over a course of 20 weeks a mixture of 33 percent Monsanto GE corn (NK 603 x MON 810) and non-GE corn. These mice gave birth to less babies and lighter babies in their third and fourth litters. Mice fed on non-GE corn had babies as normal. These differences are statistically significant.”

Another study:

“The scientist added flour from a GM soya bean – produced by Monsanto to be resistant to its pesticide, Roundup – to the food of female rats, starting two weeks before they conceived, continuing through pregnancy, birth and nursing. Others were given non-GM soyaand a third group was given no soya at all. She found that 36 per cent of the young of the rats fed the modified soya were severely underweight, compared to 6 per cent of the offspring of the other groups. More alarmingly, a staggering 55.6 per cent of those born to mothers on the GM diet perished within three weeks of birth, compared to 9 per cent of the offspring of those fed normal soya, and 6.8 per cent of the young of those given no soya at all.”

And another:

“A group of female rats received additionally to the stock laboratory chow 5-7g/rat/day soya flour prepared from certified RR GM-soya for two weeks before mating, during mating, pregnancy, and an increased daily amount for every pup during lactation. The control group was fed in addition to the rat chow the same amount of traditional (Trad) soya. (…) High level of mortality (~ 55,6%) was observed with pups whose mothers received the GM-soya supplemented diets, and 36% of these pups weighed less than 20 grammas by the end of two weeks after the birth, in comparison with the Trad. soya supplemented group”

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