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We can now see Anti Matter – Dr Santilli

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Stephen Hawking – Violatory Future Predictions

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Mad Robot Baby

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Electromagnetic fields accelerate mercury release from dental fillings

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Military/GOV Synthetic Environments – Predicting future events

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Current Neural AI Networks – “NeuralTalk” + Video

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Nov 11 – 2015 – Artificial Intelligence can learn Human Language(s)

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WINDOWS 10 – Permanently collects data

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MUST READ – Robots threaten 15m UK jobs, says Bank of England’s chief economist

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Data shows NSA breaking laws countless times

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NASA – Future Strategic Issues / Warfare [Circa 2025] [Presentation Leak] [W/ Download]

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Wireless Car Keys security flaw

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PROVEN – Cars can be remotely hacked

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US military apparently love sending Anthrax spores around the world for us to ingest

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HM Revenue & Customs – new software trawls billions of items of data & can be shared with 60 other countries

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UK Navy test underwater bombs – causes mass whale deaths

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German Foreign Ministry: New Russian nukes in Russia are bad, but new US nukes in Germany are good

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The WMA – Promoting weather modification for beneficial uses

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Chrome update – Why is the microphone always on in Browser…..??

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UK – Government hires agency to creep your Facebook, Twitter & other network data

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OFFICIAL – HAARP is actually a weather manipulation tool. Finally admitted by the USA Gov & Media.

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DARPA – Now testing their HELLADS laser weapons

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Does Factory Resetting your phone delete all your data forever? NOPE.

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CICADA: Close-in Covert Autonomous Disposable Aircraft

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LOCUST – Prototype Navy Drones

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Links between CERN and Earthquakes (LHC – Large Hadron Collider)