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Oxitec GMO Mosquito Release Zika Outbreak Cause?

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2016 OLYMPICS IN RIO / BRAZIL – Ft. Zika Virus

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J. Casals – Rockefeller Foundation – Zika virus ATCC® VR-84™ for sale in bulk

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Monsanto supplying White Phosphorus for weapons

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Electromagnetic fields accelerate mercury release from dental fillings

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Trans-Pacific Partnership Extracts

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Electromagnetic Waves vs Organic Life Notes

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Wireless Radiation prevents seeds from germinating correctly in experiment

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Professor Rainer Nyberg – Wireless technology in schools may lead to a global epidemic of brain damages

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Energy Saving Lightbulbs – Potentially Poisonous

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Researching into the Benefits of Garlic – Josh Rosenheim

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British Public bacteria/chemical tests on the London Underground

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World Health Organisation – Processed meat is as harmful as cigarettes

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Technology + Mutations Volume 1

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Government says pharmaceutical drugs kill more people than all illegal drugs combined

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UK – Lives of Synthetic Marijuana Addicts

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NHS gets paid by massive drug companies to use and administer their “medicines”

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Japan Professor: Fukushima posing reproduction risk to marine life, bio-accumulation of radioactive material

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North Korea accuses US of spreading Ebola and using Africa as a Bio-Weapon testing ground

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The low frequency noises from turbine blades can be picked up and can trigger a part of the brain linked to emotions

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Birth Control Drugs found in USA water supply

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Doctors take the piss sometimes

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Dr. Stephanie Seneff discusses the potential connection between vaccines and autism

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Effects of fluoride

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Kids need the cannabis

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The Earth’s Water is depleting!

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Baby dies after doctors inject baby with 13 vaccines without mother’s consent

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Unemployment is being “rebranded” by the government as a psychological disorder

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SHAMPOO – Does more damage than good

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The Serious Business of Cancer

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THIS IS WHAT YOU DRINK: Tap water catches fire

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Genetically Modified GMO corn causing infertility in animals [humans too]

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Kelloggs cereal is fully genetically modified food, human dog food

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The Cancer Industry

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Official – Reports on WiFi making you ill