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Oxitec GMO Mosquito Release Zika Outbreak Cause?

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2016 OLYMPICS IN RIO / BRAZIL – Ft. Zika Virus

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J. Casals – Rockefeller Foundation – Zika virus ATCC® VR-84™ for sale in bulk

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Zika virus + GMO mosquitoes

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Stephen Hawking – Violatory Future Predictions

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Century of Self – Edward Bernays

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Data shows NSA breaking laws countless times

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British Public bacteria/chemical tests on the London Underground

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NASA – Future Strategic Issues / Warfare [Circa 2025] [Presentation Leak] [W/ Download]

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Authorities do NOT get prosecuted for snooping through your data

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NHS gets paid by massive drug companies to use and administer their “medicines”

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60 Minutes Australia – Documentary/Investigations on the Government and their abuse

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North Korea accuses US of spreading Ebola and using Africa as a Bio-Weapon testing ground

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USA’s stamps from 2004

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The low frequency noises from turbine blades can be picked up and can trigger a part of the brain linked to emotions

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CAUGHT ON VID: Company selling Aborted Baby body parts…………

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Doctors take the piss sometimes

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Aluminum poisoning of humanity and Earth™s biota by clandestine geoengineering activity

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Oklahoma Court – Residents can sue Oil Companies for Earthquake damage

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A REAL children™s book about “””””Satanic Ritual Abuse”””””

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Water Scarcity

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The WMA – Promoting weather modification for beneficial uses

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Baby dies after doctors inject baby with 13 vaccines without mother’s consent

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Unemployment is being “rebranded” by the government as a psychological disorder

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UK – Government hires agency to creep your Facebook, Twitter & other network data

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OFFICIAL – HAARP is actually a weather manipulation tool. Finally admitted by the USA Gov & Media.

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Rand Paul: NSA, Privacy & America

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1981 Barney Miller Episode – Predictive Programming

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The Serious Business of Cancer

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Israel Lobby: We need a false flag to start war with Iran

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“The heart of the government still go to the same dinner parties and send their children to the same schools” – UK