California – Oil pipeline bursts open spilling 21,000 gallons into the sea

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A Californian oil pipe bursts near the coast, spilling near enough 21,000 gallons of oil straight into the sea / environment. You can see that the oil has literally masked the whole surface of the beach and the water. Apparently, the area has been sectioned off by Californian coastguards, but what use is that? They still haven’t properly cleaned up the BP oil spill. An official added that it had traveled about 50 yards (46 meters) into the ocean. Some dudes even throwing around calculations on the casual here:

50 yards out and 4 miles long and 21,000 US gallons. So approx 0.270L per square meter.

Refugio Beach has been closed in response to the spill. A warning was also issued for the neighboring El Capitan State Beach.