Billionaire Pedophiles gets away with touching little girls

KEY WORD: Billionaire

Samuel Curtis Johnson III, heir to the SC Johnson cleaning supplies empire, will have to serve at least 60 days of his sentence and pay a fine up to $6,000 for sexual assault of his stepdaughter. Also, in 2005, Robert H. Richards IV started sexually abusing his three year-old daughter. The abuse ended two years later when the girl told her grandmother that she didn™t want my daddy touching me anymore. When Richards™ former wife confronted him this abuse, Richards admitted to doing so but claimed it was an accident and he would never do it again. Robert H. Richards IV does not work. He doesn™t have to. He’s a fucking Billionaire. Robert Richards, who raped his own child and then told her not to tell anyone so that it could be our little secret, will likely not spend a day in prison. The prosecution recommended that Richards only receive probation. The judges wrote in their sentencing order, will not fare well if he is sentenced to prison. Back to the first guy though, his stepdaughter initially told police he was a sex addict and touched her inappropriately 15 to 20 times starting when she was 12 years old. She told her mother about the abuse in order to protect her younger sister, and he confessed when the mother confronted him. The felony charge carries up to 40 years in prison, however:
Johnson™s lawyers insisted the girl™s medical records be released to see if she had reported the abuse to her therapist, and a court held that the girl could not testify unless she released the records. The girl and her mother refused to release them, so the girl was barred from taking the stand. The case essentially fell apart without her as a witness, the prosecution said.
Say no more. Us lot have to go by the rules of 16+ by the way.