Big Feds out today 30/6/2015

lodon-terror-polic_3358557b   Terror police in action. If you’re colored (today), balls that draw bag asap. The operation involves more than 1,000 officers, and they’re guaranteed to get bored after a while and stop and search the fit birds in the maxi dresses. Why are they out here? It’s largest ever exercise to prepare for a marauding terrorist attack on the streets of London. Right before the July bombings too. If something does happen in London very soon, this is very very sus….why practice now? You got all year you fat cunts. Exercise Strong Tower has been planned since January and is not taking place in response to last week™s terrorist attacks.  Oh swear. Just like the exercise that had the fighter jets scrambling from Canada to the USA in response to the 9/11 attacks and they couldn’t make it in time? Just like that police exercise that ACTUALLY HAPPENED on the July bombings on the same fucking day on the underground service.  Some BS federalli said: We don’t want the public to be concerned about what we are doing. Elements of it will be noisy and it will be visible in places and really important we get a message out of reassurance.” Power. Authority. Control. That’s what they want tonight. I’m gonna go put a Cork up my ass crack now. Good luck.